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film about the most famous artist Oscar Rabine

directed by Lesya Matsko

Film was presented at the Centre Pompidou during the exhibition KOLLEKTSIA +

& at the Marche du film Cannes Film Festival

This film is about a famous artist, the founder of non-conformism – Oscar Rabin.
In 1976 when he was in Paris with his wife - a well-known artist Valentina Kropivnitskaya. their Russian passports were confiscated for being progressive artists and “dangerous” for the Soviet Government.

They have been living in France since then and became famous artists in Europe & all over the world.

The last work by Rabine was sold at Sotheby’s for more then 100 000 dollars, but in USSR his art works cost almost nothing…
When the painter was 79 years old, he got his Russian passport back and was able to visit Moscow – his "Motherland N 1” for the first time after the 30 years of exile…

Oscar Rabine died in 2018, but the film disclose the archives of his life…and his works will stay forever in such world famous museums as Tretyakov Gallery, Centre Pompidou & many others…

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