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Composer and sound director Bilyk Grigorii

Documentary projects

Animated Movie Trailer

TV Programm

Sound director Bilyk Grigorii

TV Programm

Sound director Bilyk Grigorii

TV series

Sound director Bilyk Grigorii


Sound director/composer

Born June 11, 1990


2007-2011 Graduated from the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, Department of Films and Television.

Department:  film composing/ sound director/sound engineer. Diploma: Master of Cinema.

2002 -2007 Graduated with exelant diploma professional Musical school. Department saxophone alto .

(2002-2007 Perfoming with academic orchestras and quartets)

1999 -2006 Graduated with exelant diploma - Special professional Musical school. Department piano.


Sound director/ production and post-production / studio sound director/ sound engineer / composer

2017-2015 Sound director of the Academical Theatre. Ukraine

2017- 2013 Sound director / Studio “Contact” 

2012-2013  Cheaf of the Sound director’s department/ Kiev Academic Theater of Ukrainian folklore "Keeper" Conducting performances, recording, mixing, recording the orchestra and theatre actors.

2012 Head of the  sound enginering department/ Ukrainian Traditional theatre "Mirror"
Production of the theatrical films in the cooperation with the Ukrainian Traditional theatre "Mirror", Kiev.

Sound production and postproduction of the theatre films, conducting performances.

2012 Sound director and sound technician / film production  company “ABPG”, Ukraine

2011-2012 Sound director for the documentary film projects / film production company «LES FILMS DE L'AQUEDUC», Paris, France .

2010 -2011 Chief sound engineer of the documentary "Sergei Chepik" The Ministry of Culture and the Arts, Studio "Contact", the National Union of Cinematographers of Ukraine.

2011 Composer/sound director/Post-production. Film company «Apollo Films», Paris, France .

2011 Chief sound engineer of the film "Kiev from dusk till dawn" director Marcel Lodzinsky (Poland).

2009-2010 Cooperation with the TV channel "Kiev". Composer/sound director

2010 Sound director/ Film "Vibrations", official program of the Moscow International Film Festival.

2009  Sound engineer / Balkan Fest 2009 (Musical festival in Kiev)

Sound engineer /concert of the music band “Gogol Bordello”

Sound technical support for the music band of Emir Kusturica «No smoking orchestra».

2007-2009  Composer and sound director / "Kyiv Palace for Children and Youth"

Since 2005 composing music for the short films, audio-visual projects and musical bands.

Composer / “Book Trailer” and “City Ride”, “Gift”, “Last summer” and “Mover”.

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