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film about the avant-garde artist TIMUR NOVIKOV

directed by Lesya Matsko

produced by Natalia Ivanova

Festivals & Film Awards

Official selection International Film Festival «Molodist»

Film about Timur Novikov (1958-2002) — an artist, who was well ahead of his time; an icon, that smashed geographical boundaries and sexual preconceptions; a legend, that single-handedly brought about the cultural revolution, — and won.

«Who Is Timur? 5 Stories» — a very special tribute to Saint-Petersburg avant-garde innovator, an incredible portrait puzzle put together by people who knew Novikov.

These are:

Vladislav Kyshev, a scientist, geneticist and philosopher; Valentina Belyaeva, a curator of the National Russian Museum «The Hermitage»; Sergei Bugaev-Afrika, an artist, curator and actor, who was the main star of Sergei Solovyov’s movie-hit «ASSA»; Vladimir Kulikov, a biologist, inventor and performance artist, and, finally, a close friend of Novikov — Vlad Mamyshev-Monroe — an artist, leading actor in notorious post-modern 2006 remake of USSR classic «Volga-Volga», public figure and Russia’s Marilyn Monroe №1 fan. Soundtrack is by «New Composers» — legendary Saint-Petersburg-based electronic experimentalists.

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